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Re: spam

From: Pavel Roskin
Subject: Re: spam
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 17:59:59 -0400 (EDT)


[Sorry for offtopic, but since Christoph wants to discuss this in the
list, I don't want readers to see only his replies, but not mine]

> proski> Install a spam filter.  I use SpamAssassin.  You can download it from
> proski>
> Not everybody has the possibility to install a filter (i am not the system 
> administrator)

SpamAssassin can be installed with user permissions and used from
procmail.  Read the documentation.

My configuration: fetchcmail gets mail and uses procmail as MDA (mail
delivery agent).  procmail sorts some mailing lists first - I don't want
it to remove spam from the lists I administer, because this would hide my
failures.  It also passes e-mail from known people - if a spammer
impersonates them or they get a virus, I want to know that.

Then SpamAssassin checks for spam.  The spam goes to a separate folder for
review and reporting to  Then my (old, pre-SA) filters are
used.  It's useful to separate HTML e-mail and e-mail with no subject from
mailing lists - such posts are usually clueless and don't deserve to be
archived, not to mention MS Word attachments.  Finally, the messages are
put to the mailing list folders, and the remainder goes to the inbox.

> IMO it would help a lot, if only people were allowed to send messages to
> address@hidden, who subscribed to the list. No full time administrator
> is needed, in fact it would be easy to implement.

It's already implemented in Mailman, it's just turned off.  However, it 
would be wrong to reject such messages withot review, and that takes time.

Pavel Roskin

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