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Re: spam

From: Justin Kirby
Subject: Re: spam
Date: 14 May 2002 18:34:25 -0400

I recently subscribed to this list, because of some issues I was
having... (figured it out without have to post I think)...

But I would like to interject my $0.02 in this...

I am subscribed to a TON of lists, all of them require you to subscribe
in order to post. This is generally considered a core feature of lists.
One notable exception is the lists, and I am no longer
subscribed to those.

I am sorry, but "Have hot sex tonight" and "Viagra overnight" are just
unacceptable and diminish the quality of a community. If the list
manager program can not place the simple requirement of a subscription
in order to post, then it needs to be thrown out and a new one put in

And no I should not be required to place a bazillion filters in my email
program in order to not get this cruft.

just my $0.02

On Tue, 2002-05-14 at 17:59, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> Hi!
> [Sorry for offtopic, but since Christoph wants to discuss this in the
> list, I don't want readers to see only his replies, but not mine]
> > proski> Install a spam filter.  I use SpamAssassin.  You can download it 
> > from
> > proski>
> > 
> > Not everybody has the possibility to install a filter (i am not the system 
> > administrator)
> SpamAssassin can be installed with user permissions and used from
> procmail.  Read the documentation.
> My configuration: fetchcmail gets mail and uses procmail as MDA (mail
> delivery agent).  procmail sorts some mailing lists first - I don't want
> it to remove spam from the lists I administer, because this would hide my
> failures.  It also passes e-mail from known people - if a spammer
> impersonates them or they get a virus, I want to know that.
> Then SpamAssassin checks for spam.  The spam goes to a separate folder for
> review and reporting to  Then my (old, pre-SA) filters are
> used.  It's useful to separate HTML e-mail and e-mail with no subject from
> mailing lists - such posts are usually clueless and don't deserve to be
> archived, not to mention MS Word attachments.  Finally, the messages are
> put to the mailing list folders, and the remainder goes to the inbox.
> > IMO it would help a lot, if only people were allowed to send messages to
> > address@hidden, who subscribed to the list. No full time administrator
> > is needed, in fact it would be easy to implement.
> It's already implemented in Mailman, it's just turned off.  However, it 
> would be wrong to reject such messages withot review, and that takes time.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin
JID: address@hidden

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