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Problem: subdir-objects and .deps

From: Alexander Fuchs
Subject: Problem: subdir-objects and .deps
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 19:42:10 +0200
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I am using (or more specific: trying to learn how to use ;-) ) autoconf 2.53 and automake 1.6.1 (and tested automake 1.6).

I have a problem with the creation of the automatic dependency files (.deps/*.Po) in conjunction with the automake option subdir-objects.

The important parts of


AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS        = foreign subdir-objects

gflibdir =  $(top_srcdir)/libs
gflibutilitydir = $(gflibdir)/utility

libgfutility_a_SOURCES = $(gflibutilitydir)/globals.cpp \


The execution of autoconf - automake - configure creates the dependency file in $(gflibutilitydir)\.deps\libgfutility_a-globals.Po in the top source directory. I.e. $(gflibutilitydir) is not evaluated to libs/utility but created literally: \$\(gflibutilitydir\).

Naturally make complains with:

Makefile:299: libs/utility/.deps/libgfutility_a-globals.Po: No such file or directory

So, is this a bug?
Why is $(gflibutilitydir) not evaluated, how can I fix my problem?

The complete source can be downloaded at make will not be successful without an installed stlport, but this is not necessary to show my problem.


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