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Re[2]: Libraries in libraries... is it possible?

From: Paolo Casciello
Subject: Re[2]: Libraries in libraries... is it possible?
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 11:13:43 +0200

Hello Alexandre,

martedì, martedì 28 maggio 2002, you wrote:

>>>> "Paolo" == Paolo Casciello <address@hidden> writes:

ADL> [...]

ADL>  Paolo> My problem is grouping one (or more) library in another library.
ADL>  Paolo> Is it possible? 

ADL> I think Libtool can do this.

ADL> [...]

I tought so... and i finished with a global makefile to build the
unique static library. because (as i know) it isn't possible to group
static libraries. :(

(and if a version of libtool (maybe recent) could do this, i cannot
release a package that needs that libtool version to be compiled...
it's too restrective (i think) )


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