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Re: [RFC] shtool

From: Bonzini
Subject: Re: [RFC] shtool
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 09:43:04 +0200

> > I've recently submitted a patch to automake so that it can use shtool
> > instead of the mkinstalldirs, mdate and install shell scripts.
> Can you please give us a URL for that patch?

The patch can be found on the automake-patches list

> I don't know what scpp,
> arx, mdate are so it would be nice to have some context here.

GNU shtool ( is a set of shell scripts
grouped under a single executable, some of which extend those traditionally
distributed as part of automake (for example install, mdate and
mkinstalldirs).  My patch to automake optionally allows people to use shtool
scripts instead of these, which is good if people are to use shtool in their
package for other purposes. shtool contains a `shtoolize' program to pick
only those that you are interested in and build a custom script that only
has them (that's why I liked to have shtool support in and
autoreconf as well).

scpp and arx are just two other scripts that shtool provides (for the
record, arx provides the ability to build convenience libraries without
using libtool, scpp is a preprocessor for C to automatically add prefixes to
internal functions and the like).  There are also scripts to build tarballs
and so on, but at least for now my automake patch only deals with replacing
install-sh, and mkinstalldirs.


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