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local .o files

From: Jan Kort
Subject: local .o files
Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2002 11:16:28 +0200


How do I make .o files appear in the same directory
as the .c files ?

My currently looks like this:

lib_LIBRARIES = src/lib/tt/libtt.a
src_lib_tt_libtt_a_SOURCES =    src/lib/tt/ttstack.c \
                src/lib/tt/ttterm.c \
                src/lib/tt/ttstrat.c \
                src/lib/tt/ttutils.c \
                src/lib/tt/tttoken.c \
                src/lib/tt/ttparse.c \

Everything works fine: the code compiles and the
final library appears as src/lib/tt/libtt.a as
expected, but the .o files end up in the top
directory. Is there a way to make them appear
in the local directory, i.e. as src/lib/tt/ttterm.o,
src/lib/tt/ttstrat.o, etc. ?

Also, I would expect them to appear in the local
directory by default, it seems extra effort to
strip the directories from the filename ?


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