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Automake new features: wishes list :)

From: zaufi
Subject: Automake new features: wishes list :)
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 06:22:17 +0300
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Hi all

I would like to make a little resume of my experience of automake using and 
introduce a couple of features that will improve (I hope :) this tool...

I work in a project wich have a LOT of static libs and binary programs (wich 
is uses this libs). So situation whan list of -I $(top_srcdir)/path/include 
options have > 1000 chars length is frequently enough. To avoid such long 
command lines I did the following:

1) append include directive to every

        include $(top_srcdir)/admin/Makefile.common

Makefiles (all at once)
--- Feature #1:
        It would be nice to have a LEGAL way to post-process generated Makefile
        Smth like 'Makefile-hook' to do per changes, or/and new 
        macro (AM_MAKEFILE_POST_REBUILD_COMMANDS or smth else)
2) $(top_srcdir)/admin/Makefile.common contain INCLUDES definition:
        INCLUDES = $(shell echo \`cat $(DEPDIR)/includes\`)

and rule to generate $(DEPDIR)/includes:

        @echo '$(INCLUDES_LIST)' > $(DEPDIR)/includes

to start rebuilding $(DEPDIR)/inclues I'm define


in this file. The problem: what if smbd wish to define BUILT_SOURCES in its (my script did _append_ include Makefile.common into every in the project) -- Currently nobody do... but who knows what can 
happens... :( I CAN'T USE BUILT_SOURCES += xxx -- 'BCOUSE OF ERROR ON 
Makefile REBUILD:

admin/Makefile.common:NN: BUILT_SOURCES must be set with `=' before using `+='
make[1]: *** [] Error 1

... currently I have no guess how o solve this :(
Soon I'll start to write configure scripts for our next generation project... 
In some (not in all) BUILT_SOURCES will be used to gather some 
info before build main target (bin_PROGRAMS/lt_LIBRARIES/noinst_LIBRARIES). 
Moreover I need to know what will be builded in this Makefile (i.e. binary 
program or library)... I don't know how to deal it with my INCLUDES_LIST 
model... %(( -- Don't like to make _hacks_ -- want to use LEGAL way %)

--- Feature #2
        Maybe it will be reasonable to add PRE_BUILD_xxx and/or POST_BUILD_xxx
        (where xxx is a bin_PROGRAMS/lt_LIBRARIES/etc) like goal 'all' depends 

3) my script also rename INCLUDES --> INCLUDES_LIST in all's
And using $(patsubst %, -I$(top_srcdir)/%, ...) in INCLUDES_LIST definition 
helps to reduce typing :)

now compile command looks pretty short :)

g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../../.. `cat .deps/includes`-g -O0 ...

I think it is enough for first time... :) -- I have a couple of yet another 
c00l features... but will keep it for next automake release :)

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