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Re: how to use multiple automake's at the same time?

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: how to use multiple automake's at the same time?
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 23:32:40 +0100
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Lukas Österreicher wrote:
Hi there.

I've been having trouble compiling software generated with automake 1.5 (or
except 1.4) on my redhat 7.2 system. I have tried upgrading to automake 1.5
but that doesnt work nicely - I have damaged my system that way, and i would
not be able to compile automake 1.4 sources then. I have read a thread about
installing automake 1.4 and 1.5 at the same time and let it somehow choose by
the source which to use, and i think this is already available on redhat 8,
but i've had other troubles with that redhat version, so i prefer to use 7.2.

So what I ask is:
How to install automake 1.4 and 1.5 at the same time on a redhat 7.2 system
(quite a few up2date packages installed already) in the described manner so I
dont have to worry about version incompatibilities anymore? (If not else
possible, by choosing the correct version by setting the right PATH).

I've hacked a script that does the trick for me - as I want to use different
combinations of autoconf libtool and automake. The toplevel makefile has
a magic var-set line, so the start of my usually looks like:

AUTOTOOL_VERSION = autoconf-2.52 libtool-1.4.2 automake-1.5

Then I call a script "autotools" that looks into the and modifies
the $PATH accordingly, not much unlike the description about "stow", the
combinations are compiled with separate $prefix paths. The helper script and
all the combinations are ready-made as rpm files, just pick them up and

You can find everything in the download section of
in the "autotools" section - here's the direct link:

They are a bit dated, I did not have time to rebuild the rpms with the
newest breed of autoconf and automake generations. And actually, I'm
currently waiting for Mandrake to fix a severe bug in bash before doing
interesting things (sorry to alexandre, the bug affects the ac-archive
rpms making quite definitly, so no good time to roll a new release).

cheers, guido

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