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aclocal in tests/

From: imacat
Subject: aclocal in tests/
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 00:56:18 +0800

Dear all,

    I don't know if this is intended, or if someone has reported this
before.  I did not find anything related to this in the mailing list
archive.  Maybe I have missed something somewhere.

    I was building automake 1.7.2 on a minimal-installed Debian Linux
3.0r0, which had no automake yet.  When I did a "make check", I noticed
that a part of tests were skipped.  But most of them would be performed
after I did a "make install".  It looks like that some tests are
performed with the currently-installed automake, but not the newly-built

    After tracing into the test process, I found that some tests were
depending on an aclocal that has no path specified, in tests/defs
(tests/  This will run the aclocal in $PATH, usually the
currently-installed aclocal, but not the newly-built one.

    I don't know if this is intended.  It doesn't seem to be so, but I'm
not 100% sure.  I made a patch on this, and attached it here, in the
hope that it will help.  Please tell me if you need more infomation on
this.  And please also tell me if I'm wrong.  I wish to know whether I'm
correct.  Thank you.

address@hidden ~/tmp % cat automake-1.7.2-fixacltests.diff
diff -u -r automake-1.7.2/tests/ automake-1.7.2-fixacltests/tests/
--- automake-1.7.2/tests/        Thu Nov 21 21:24:24 2002
+++ automake-1.7.2-fixacltests/tests/    Thu Dec 26 23:13:50 2002
@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@
 # Use `-I $srcdir/../m4' in addition to `--acdir', because the
 # other `-I' directories added for libtool and gettext might contain
 # files from an old version of Automake that we don't want to use.
-aclocaldir=`(aclocal --print-ac-dir) 2>/dev/null`
+aclocaldir=`($srcdir/../aclocal --print-ac-dir) 2>/dev/null`
 if [ -f $aclocaldir/dirlist ] ; then

Best regards,
imacat ^_*'
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