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Re: non-installed shared libraries

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: non-installed shared libraries
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 22:20:42 +0100
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Gav Wood schrieb:

sorry if this email is just me being ignorant but i can't find an easy way of doing what i need - perhaps you could help.

i'm using automake for a project that implements a plugin system. it has a small, non-installed cradle (example) program for testing the library that it builds. because it's a plugin system it needs two other small non-installed shared libraries be built, to act as plugin examples for the test program.

i can build the non-installed program well using rules:

noinst_PROGRAMS = example
example_SOURCES = example.cpp
example_LDADD =

i can then build the two plugins as non-installed static libraries using rules:

noinst_LIBRARIES = libselfcat.a libunderline.a

however, they need to be shared. if i try using libtool:


i end up with two .la files and no linkable shared libraries.

any ideas?

I did never have any problems with making plugin modules, nor
to test them before installation. First of all, I wonder why
you don't use the "-module" flag of libtool, second there is
wonder why noinst_, and third: what is in your .libs subdir
and whether the (text-type) .la has anything suspicous that
could point to misconfiguration (like using AC_DISABLE_SHARED
in the or some such, just doublechecking.) And
last not least, if that is going to be a bug it might be
worth knowing the version numbers of the autotools.

HTH, cheers, guido

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