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Re: Newbie question: How to compile a project?

From: Philip Willoughby
Subject: Re: Newbie question: How to compile a project?
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 15:08:03 +0000 (GMT)

Today, Markus Gerwinski wrote:

>I wrote them by copying the example files from
> and then leaving out everything that
>resulted in an error message of the auto* tools.

In my experience, it's usually a good idea to use autoscan to generate a
first try at (it will call it configure.scan, so rename it).
Then write yourself -- it usually isn't too complex.

Starting with an existing one and removing bits is a bad plan -- there'll
be a lot of irrelevant stuff left, and you'll have no idea what anything
does, so changes will be more difficult.

To add GTK support, you should use AM_PATH_GTK -- you probably want
something like this:

AM_PATH_GTK([2.2], , AC_ERROR([GTK was not found]))

or this (if you need gtkmm):

AM_PATH_GTKMM([1.3.8], , AC_ERROR([GTKMM was not found]))

The aclocal error is because you need to tell aclocal the path to gtk.m4
and/or gtkmm.m4.  If gtk.m4 was in /opt/gnome/share/aclocal for instance,
you'd need to run:

aclocal -I /opt/gnome/share/aclocal

to avoid the error.



Philip Willoughby

Systems Programmer, Department of Computing, Imperial College, London, UK
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