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Re: CVS, bootstrapping and DJGPP

From: Richard Dawe
Subject: Re: CVS, bootstrapping and DJGPP
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 23:42:19 +0000


[ I've redirected this to address@hidden, since it's not really about a
patch anymore. ]

Alexandre Duret-Lutz wrote:
>  Richard> On further investigation it seems to be a bug in the
>  Richard> DJGPP port of automake.  There's something weird going
>  Richard> on with the autoconf --traces, which means it doesn't
>  Richard> find AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE.
> [...]
> I don't know what's wrong with --traces, however I can see that
> diagnostics produced by Automake are confusing.  It shouldn't
> say AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE is too old if it didn't find it.

I found the problem. It was due to $SHELL (in the environment) not being set
to bash. DJGPP's system call tries to emulate things like redirection, if
$SHELL does not name a Unixy shell like bash. This is because COMMAND.COM does
not support "2>foo" style redirections.

Another consequence is that the quoting may not work. The problem I
experienced was caused by this:

# Use a separator unlikely to be used, not `:', the default, which
# has a precise meaning for AC_CONFIG_FILES and so on.
$traces .= join (' ',
           map { "--trace=$_" . ':\$f:\$l::\$n::\${::}%' } @traced);

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