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Re: Patch to aclocal

From: Philip Willoughby
Subject: Re: Patch to aclocal
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 14:49:54 +0000 (GMT)

Today, Richard Dawe wrote:

>Unfortunately this is not portable to DOS.

Oops - my bad.  I should have tried it in MSYS I guess.  I was modifying the
installed code on linux rather than doing it properly...

>If the patch in incorporated into automake, it should be aware of the path
>separator. Maybe aclocal could have something like this near the start:
>Then modify bootstrap & to substitute @PATH_SEPARATOR@ like
>@PACKAGE@, @SHELL@, etc. Then you could use:
>    push (@dirlist, split (/$PATH_SEPARTOR/, $ENV{ACLOCALPATH}));

or just
     push (@dirlist, split (/@PATH_SEPARTOR@/, $ENV{ACLOCALPATH}));

Either way we'll need to add the `ACX_CHECK_PATHNAME_STYLE_DOS' macro to and acinclude.m4 (see

I attach a revised patch - it's a little too large to inline this time.  It
uses the style Mr Dawe suggested as it fits in better with the existing
code style.


Philip Willoughby

Systems Programmer, Department of Computing, Imperial College, London, UK
echo address@hidden | tr "bizndfohces" "pwgd9ociaku"

Why reinvent the wheel? . . . . . . . . . Because we can make it rounder...

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Description: ACLOCALPATH patch

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