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Re: make -j and touching, with automake

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: make -j and touching, with automake
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 18:05:22 +0200
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| >  Aharon> Thanks Tom.  I'll wait for Akim to reply and/or forward to Andre.
| >  Aharon> Akim, this happens pretty consistently for me with automake 1.7.3,
| >  Aharon> autoconf 2.57 and current gawk; just touch in that 
| >  Aharon> and type make.
| >
| > Hi Aharon,
| >
| > I don't exactly how the dependencies are output but Automake, but the
| > "logical" order is indeed running autoconf first.  As a matter of
| > fact, because there is a cache sharing the results of the runs, it
| > shouldn't matter.  But running Autoconf and Automake concurrently
| > doesn't make a lot of sense, indeed, except if the cache is up to date.
| What happens in a straight run is
|       aclocal -I m4
|       automake
|       autoconf
|       configure --recheck # or whatever it is
| When the first three run in parallel, things go nuts.
| This is real easy to duplicate; get the gawk dist, configure, make.
| Then edit the version in (in both marked places), save
| the file, and type `make'.  Watch it all fall apart.

I don't trust myself on this issue: I don't spend enough time on the
Autotools to track this down and fix.  I'm Cc'ing this to Automake
folks, as they are the one(s) who do currently the real work.

Salut le Automake folk :)

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