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AC_CHECK_LIB not substituting LDFLAGS

From: Jose Roman Bilbao
Subject: AC_CHECK_LIB not substituting LDFLAGS
Date: 14 May 2003 11:28:40 +0200


I am trying to test if VTK library is installed on my system. As it is
not installed on a regular PATH I would like something that test for a
--with-vtk-libdir existence. If it does exist it should be added to
LDFLAGS and then test using AC_CHECK_LIB but I can not get it to work:

AC_ARG_WITH(vtk-libdir,[  --with-vtk-libdir=DIR           location of
the gd lib/inc],  [LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS} -L${withval} -lvtkCommon

# If vtk is not found and no valid --with-vtk-libdir PATH
# has been provide configuration finishes

AC_MSG_RESULT will return empty string... How can I make AC_ARG_WITH
modifies LDFLAGS variable?.


Jose Roman Bilbao <address@hidden>

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