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Re: Major differences between Autotools versions on Red Hat 7.3 and 8.0?

From: Eric Siegerman
Subject: Re: Major differences between Autotools versions on Red Hat 7.3 and 8.0??? Seems so...
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 14:51:18 -0400
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On Tue, May 13, 2003 at 05:15:04PM -0700, address@hidden wrote:
> Did you know file name is OK on Red Hat 8.0 but
> Red Hat 7.3 requires file name!?

Yes, the name changed at some point.  New versions of Autoconf
still accept for backward compatibility, but .ac is
preferred.  Apparently, "some point" was between the versions
shipped with RedHat's 7.3 and 8.0.

> name_CFLAGS = -Wall
> works on 8.0 but is ignored in 7.3.

So RedHat upgraded to a new Automake as well.

> What else is different between
> these versions of Autotools???

1. How are we supposed to know?  It would help if you mentioned
   which versions of the Autotools these were.  Not all of us
   have either of those RedHat versions installed, let alone
   both.  Hint: both tools take a "--version" option.

2. Given the Autotools version numbers, you can figure it out for
   yourself.  Read the NEWS and ChangeLog files.

> What is going on here?

The Autotools add features over time.  RedHat upgrades to new
versions of the Autotools over time.  This is news?!?

> What is getting close to unbearable is that [...]

So install the later Autotools (whichever versions those might
be) on your 7.3 box, or do without the newer features on the 8.0


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