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Problem with installation

From: Shailaja Ranganna
Subject: Problem with installation
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 13:34:23 +0530

 I need help to solve the following problems I'am facing.

Issue 1.

 I need to install a kernel module "abc.o" under directory "/<user 
specified>/abc/xyz/mnp" directory.

"<user specified>" will be specified by the end user. To which I need to append 
the remaining path and install the module there.

 trying to set the --prefix option is not working as for bin pgms or libraries 
are installed in the default "$(prefix)/<include, lib, bin>" directories.

 I tried using "pkgconfig" stuff. Even that does not solve my problem totally 
as I have another header file that is to be installed in another path.

 So what other option can I use to get my problem resolved.

Issue 2.
  How do I append the default path to prefix path specified by the --prefix 
 if  --prefix /abc.
 I need to have a prefix =/abc/<default dir>

So that my bin,lib etc are installed in following directories.
 bin -> /abc/<default dir>/bin
 lib -> /abc/<default dir>/lib

I can do this by specfying --prefix /abc/<default dir>.But I cannot do that.
Instead I want the same change to take place by specfying only "/abc"

with regards

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