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Re: SDL, automake, autoconf

From: Assar Westerlund
Subject: Re: SDL, automake, autoconf
Date: 02 Jun 2003 08:34:06 -0400
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Mattias Brändström <address@hidden> writes:
> AC_INIT(foo.cpp)
> AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(foo, 0.1)
> AC_OUTPUT(Makefile)
> I still get the same warning. Any ideas?

AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE calls AC_ARG_PROGRAM which should get called after
AC_CANONICAL_TARGET, so just changing the order of AC_CANONICAL_TARGET
and AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE makes the warning go away.  I haven't found
anywhere in the documentation where it says that calling
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE has to be the second invocation in

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