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aCC dependencies

From: Stéphane Pion
Subject: aCC dependencies
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 12:13:09 +0200
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Since 3.31 version, aCC could handle dependencies.
It's better to use it because makedepend is -very very very- slow and don't understand anything to -A* flag which affect include path.
So, i wrote this little piece of code for depcomp which works well for me:

i just add an aCC section before  #nosideeffect:

## aCC 03.31 handle dependencies with +M[d] flag
## if d is omited, dependencies are sent to stdout
## if not, dependencies are sent to object file prefix
## folowed by .d suffix
  dfile=`echo $object | sed -e 's/\([^\.]*\)\.l*o/\1.d/'`
  "$@" +Md
  if test $stat -eq 0; then :
    rm -f "$dfile"
    exit $stat
  rm -f "$depfile"
  cp "$dfile" "$depfile"
  rm -f "$dfile"

Maybe with some errors correction, it could be included in the automake distribution.

je m'applique volontiers à penser aux choses auxquelles je pense que les autres ne penseront pas (Marcel ACHARD)

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