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Building .so files only.

From: Stephen Torri
Subject: Building .so files only.
Date: 27 Aug 2003 01:21:23 -0500

I am trying to build libraries that will act as modules in a program. At
present when I do a compile its building .la, .so, .so.0.0 and .so.0.0.0
files. I am looking for advice on how to setup my file so
that all I get installed is a .so file. Ideas?

My intention is to search a subdirectory and load modules as required
into memory. I would like to not have to put into the source code things
for sorting out which files to load and which to ignore. I would like to
utilize as much as I can from the development sources like automake
before requiring source code to handle this problem.

Stephen Torri
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