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RE: Building .so files only.

From: Schleicher Ralph (LLI)
Subject: RE: Building .so files only.
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 08:08:36 +0200

Stephen Torri writes:

> So by patching my libtool I should be able to put the -shared flag in my
> AM_LDFLAGS for the and only get the file right?

Yes, but it makes sense adding it to CFLAGS, too.

> ! If the @samp{-static} option is given, then only a @samp{.o} file is
> ! built, even if libtool was configured with @samp{--disable-static}.
> This sounds logically confusing. What is the point of --disable-static
> if -static overrides it?

The -static option is for package maintainers, --disable-static is for
users.  The former reads "I really absolutely need a static-only library"
whereas the later reads "I'm not interested in static libraries if I can
avoid it".  Please read Sander Niemeijer's comments in the same thread
<>, for
more details.


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