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Re: config.sub, config.guess, and the GNU FTP site

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: config.sub, config.guess, and the GNU FTP site
Date: 04 Sep 2003 15:13:28 -0700
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"Paul Smith" <address@hidden> writes:

> The verification is complete for almost all the code, but Ben Elliston
> (who, according to the FSF folks I talked to, owns these particular
> files) has not responded to requests for help in verifying these files.

That could be because he moved from Red Hat to Wasabi Systems earlier
this year.  I'll CC: this message to Wasabi.  Perhaps his email is no
longer forwarded from Red Hat, as he moved several months ago.  Quite
possibly he's on vacation, as well.

> pe> gnulib currently keeps copies of several files like that in one
> pe> convenient place.  It slurps them from their canonical locations
> pe> automatically.
> That's what I want to do.  How does gnulib do this?  Does it get then
> via CVS checkout somehow?  Or, some other way?

I put them into a local cache, and then commit the cache to gnulib.
(Karl Berry does the same, I think.)  My local cache hasn't been
updated since July.

> pe> <>
> pe> So you can sync from gnulib for now, using the following URLs:
> pe> 
> pe> 
> If I use "wget -O config.guess ..." then this works for me.  But I want
> to get the official versions, wherever they are.

I don't know of any official version right now.

Ben, would you like to have checkin privileges to gnulib?
Then you can simply install the latest versions there.

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