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Re: am I missing something about configuration headers?

From: Tom Howard
Subject: Re: am I missing something about configuration headers?
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 07:39:35 +1000
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Hi Dale,

On Saturday 06 September 2003 00:18, Dale E Martin wrote:
> Configure finds "/usr/bin/ssh", and SSH gets defined properly in my
> Makefile, but it FooConfig.h looks like this when it's generated:
> * FooConfig.h.  Generated by configure.  */
> #ifndef FOO_CONFIG_H
> #define FOO_CONFIG_H
> inline
> const string &
> getSshPath(){
>   static const string sshPath = "@SSH@";
>   return sshPath;
> }
> #endif
> What's the missing link here?  The documentation would lead me to believe
> that @SSH@ should be AC_SUBSTed into /usr/bin/ssh.

I know Alexandre Duret-Lutz  has answered your question. but wouldn't it be 
cleaner to add to your the following:

AC_DEFINE(SSH, $SSH, [Location of SSH executable])

Then, within you code you would have something like

/* some_file.hpp */


#include <string>

const std::string&

#endif // !def SOME_FILE_HPP

/* some_file.cpp */

#include "config.h"
#endif //HAVE_CONFIG_H

#include "some_file.hpp"

const std::string&
        static const std::string sshPath = SSH;
        return sshPath;

Just my $0.02


Tom Howard

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