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automake 1.7.1 generates broken traces.m4

From: Bastian Kleineidam
Subject: automake 1.7.1 generates broken traces.m4
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 09:55:11 -0000


after adding just one additional Makefile into AC_OUTPUT, I get this error:
> automake
/tmp/am4t6tITU4/traces.m4:461: /usr/bin/m4: Error matching regular expression 
"^ *\(.*\) *$"
Use of uninitialized value in split at /usr/bin/automake line 5077, <GEN0> line 
automake: no `' found or specified

I am using Debian Linux 'unstable' with
automake 1.7.1-1
autoconf 2.56-1
m4 1.4-14

I attached the two traces.m4 files, one broken, one working. Just run
them through m4 and you will see the above error.
The files where generated with
env AUTOCONF="autoconf -d -v" automake -v

Please CC: me on replies, I am not subscribed to the list.


Bastian Kleineidam

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