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Albert C. Pedro.

From: urgent information
Subject: Albert C. Pedro.
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 23:44:11 -0700

This message and any attached documents contain information which may be 
confidential, subject to privilege, and exempt from disclosure under 
applicable law, and is intended solely as a private communication from the 
sender to the addressee.  If you are the addressee, you are hereby obligated to 
maintain the confidentiality of this communication.  If you are not the 
addressee (or a person responsible for delivering this transmission to the 
addressee), do not use, distribute, disclose, disseminate, print, copy, store 
or modify this transmission in any way,and the taking of any action in reliance 
upon this transmission is strictly prohibited.  Delivery of this message to any 
person or organization other than the intended recipient shall 
not compromise or waive such confidentiality, privilege or exemption from 
disclosure as to this communication.  If you have received this 
communication in error, you are hereby requested to promptly notify the sender 
and delete the message.



Lifting of Crude Oil for my Client
You may be interested to know that I am holding brief for my friend and a 
consultant to him too ie (former President of Liberia - Charles Taylor who  is 
now in Nigeria for Asylum).  This isssue and Business is highly confidential 
due to its nature.


It was agreed by the Nigerian President that Charles Taylor would be given 
allocation for oil lifting in Nigeria for him to step down and leave Liberia.  
This was a confidential presidential discussion and agreement reached between 
the two Heads of States.

I have been directed by the former President - Charles Taylor to get some 
efficient high calibre Business guru to use with their own specified names but 
keeping account of the proceeds of oil lifting which would be shared by 
percentages agreed between the two parties.
Your company would be incharge of lifting and selling the oil on your own 
periogative.  Please, should you be interested in this Oil deal, send us your 
curriculum vitae, Trust, and evidence to take care of the Oil allocation for 
the former president on a confidential platform without coalition.  As soon as 
we get these informations you would commence and other vital details passed to 
Thanks for your co-operation.
Yours faithfully

Albert C. Pedro.

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