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Some confusion regarding LIBADD/LDFLAGS/etc.

From: Kevin P. Fleming
Subject: Some confusion regarding LIBADD/LDFLAGS/etc.
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 12:35:13 -0700
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I've gone over and over the documentation, and browsed the mailing list archives, but I'm not seeing what I'm looking for.

I have an application with two subdirectories, both of which contain sources that will be made into shared libraries. In the /lib directory, I make a single, standard shared library. This all works fine.

In the /handlers directory, I make a series of plugin (module) libraries, one for each source file in the directory. These plugin libraries need to reference the common library that was made in /lib.

Ideally I would be able to use make's $(wildcard ...) function in handlers/, but I understand why that doesn't work... so at least I have to create pkglib_LTLIBRARIES and module_..._SOURCES lines for each library to be created in /handlers.

However, I also have to create module_..._LDFLAGS lines to specify "-module -avoid-version", and module_..._LIBADD lines to reference the library in /lib. I can eliminate the need for all 25 of these sets of lines by just putting all that stuff into LDFLAGS (_not_ AM_LDFLAGS), but I don't want to do that because I don't want to forcibly override the user's LDFLAGS setting.

If I move the "-module -avoid-version" stuff into AM_LDFLAGS, the build works normally, but automake complains that the library names are non-standard. I could live with this, but I'd rather the check for "-module" look into AM_LDFLAGS if module_..._LDFLAGS has not been specified.

I can't seem to find any LDADD/LIBADD/LIBOBJS/etc. variable I can define at the top of that will apply to all _LTLIBRARIES in that Makefile. Should there be one?

I'm willing to make patches to automake to add these features if there's some chance they'll be accepted, but I hope to hear this already in CVS (which I haven't had time to check yet) or something :-)

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