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From: International Customer
Subject: Cooperation
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 12:29:15 +0400


                    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

  Our company offers you very favourable business - information.
Using you can find this information in the world markets of potential
clients for your production and service. Except for it you can advertise 
activity of your company free-of-charge. For successful conducting your 
business we offer the following Internet-poducts: 

1.About e-mail addresses of the companies and private 
persons on all planet; 

2.Various programs, using which within day you can
send the business - offers on more, than to 100.000 addresses; 

3.Programs which collect within day in the Internet 
100.000 e-mail addresses on any subjects chosen you; 

4.Except for listed above, we offer you 100 interesting programs
allowing to achieve success in global business. 

For all it there is no necessity to involve human work. Within day the 
program work and think in the Internet, replacing 15 person. In case of your 
interest, we can give you a part of these programs for free-of-charge 
testing. Then you can get other part. We shall give for buyers of these
programs about e-mail addresses of companies and private 
persons worldwide free. We guarantee quality of our production. The big 
good luck in business in your hands. Do not miss the chance. Selling necessary 
information to other companies, you can earn the big money. Because all globe
requires such information. if you are interested in this information please 
contact with us to the following adress      address@hidden
We thank for attention and wish you and your company the big successes. 

With the best regards, 
Vugar Mamedov,
Phone/fax: (99412) 98-10-02 
E-mail:  address@hidden

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