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Have it.

From: Mike Kereku
Subject: Have it.
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 15:15:00 +0100 (CET)


With due respect and humility, I write you this letter which I believe you would be of great assistance and a partner. I got your address through a commercial address book and believe that you must be a trust worthy and reliable person that will not like to intimidate me or betray my trust after hearing this proposal.

I am MR. MIKE P. KEREKU a Togo lese working here in Nigeria as Director of Finance/Operation ECO BANK. I have served the Bank for over 15 years and contributed to the expansion of the Bank which presently have two hundred and sixty branches in West Africa, with Nigeria as the sub-regional Headquarters to oversea the activities in the sub-region. Over the years there is this funds which belong to Late DR. CHERYL CASON a foreigner who deposited the money in1997 at the Togo branch of the bank under my supervision then as the Account Officer to the account before he died in a plane crash of 1999 in Kenya. Since after his death I have tried to locate any possible relations to come over and claim the US $17.7M, but all to no avail as there was no next of kin to the account. And as the Account Officer to the account, I have over the years managed to run and cover the account accordingly.

Recently, I have documented Papers of Claims and submitted same to the Bank demanding the funds to be transferred abroad to CASON and Partners. But this I can only succeed with the assistance of a neutral friend abroad as there must be someone honest abroad to exchange correspondences before the funds can be transferred successfully. That is why I am soliciting your assistance to enable me transfer the sum of US$15.7M into your account. All I need from you now is to apply withy our name claiming that you are DR. CHERYL CASON's Associates. And that you would want the Bank to transfer the sum of US$15.7M from the account to your account for the new project of building a Shopping Plaza in your country as agreed and resolved by all parties involve in the project. For your involvement, I will give you 35% of the funds, 5% for expenses that may arise in the cause of this transaction because you will agree with me that there is no way we will transfer such amount of money without making some expenses. While 60% is for me and some staff I have to settle.

NB: There is no risk involved as I am personally taking care of every
documentation to the transaction. I am awaiting your urgent response to
this matter on my emails:address@hidden, address@hidden.

Yours faithfully,


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