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dealing with "bison -pfoo" and "flex -Pfoo"

From: Dan McMahill
Subject: dealing with "bison -pfoo" and "flex -Pfoo"
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 16:36:03 -0500
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I'm working on converting a program over to use autoconf/automake for the build 
The last problem I'm working on is that the original sources used the -Pfoo 
flag to flex
and -p foo flag to bison.  This has the effect of having flex produce 
'' instead
of 'lex.yy.c' which seems to confuse automake.

AM_LFLAGS=      -f -i -Pfoo
AM_YFLAGS=      -d -p foo

The program has two different flex scanners and bison parsers contained in 
directories in the source tree.  The -Pfoo  and -p foo flags in one directory 
and -Pbar and -p bar in the other avoid name conflicts.

I can't seem to find any hints in the lex and yacc section of the automake 

Any suggestions on how to correctly deal with this?



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