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Re: Current versions of automake and autoconf

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: Re: Current versions of automake and autoconf
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 19:43:21 +0100
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(Answering only for Automake, because I've also been confused by
Akim's last statements about announcements that shouldn't be
considered official.)

>>> "Dalibor" == Dalibor Topic <address@hidden> writes:


 Dalibor> Can I build automake 1.7.9 (if that's officially the
 Dalibor> latest)

It is.

 Dalibor> with autconf 2.57, 2.58 or 2.59 or whatever the latest
 Dalibor> officially released version turns out to be? 

Yes.  All 1.7.x versions work with Autoconf 2.54 or greater.


Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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