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Re: FYI: summary of 1.8.0a bug fixes

From: Kevin P. Fleming
Subject: Re: FYI: summary of 1.8.0a bug fixes
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 08:53:32 -0700
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Alexandre Duret-Lutz wrote:

(from automake-patches)

+  - Honor definitions in m4_included files.  aclocal 1.8 had been
+    updated to check m4_included files for new requirements, but
+    forgot that these m4_included files can also provide new
+    definitions.
+    This principally affected packages that were m4_including files in
+    a way that aclocal would not have to duplicate entire M4 files
+    into aclocal.m4.  Since aclocal 1.8.x will precisely output
+    m4_includes for local M4 files, we recommend that you clean up
+    your setup, removing all manual m4_includes and letting aclocal
+    output them.

OK, now I'm really confused! I have a simple package, with some additional m4 macros in its m4/ directory. Using automake-1.7 (and 1.8), this appears to work correctly, and I'm using Paolo's backport of AC_LIBTOOL_TAGS from libtool CVS so I can get a smaller configure script since I'm using only C (no C++, F77, etc.). This means there is an ac_libtool_tags.m4 file in the m4/ directory, and this also appears to work.

Is this still the proper way to set things up? I see all this discussion of using m4_include, then not using m4_include, passing -I... to aclocal (which doesn't seem to be needed in my case for some reason)...

Since this appears to have changed so much since the major automake documentation was written, can someone clarify the _preferred_ method for including local m4 macros, especially if they need to override system-supplied macros with the same names?

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