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Re: Help Requests

From: J. Scott Amort
Subject: Re: Help Requests
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 23:47:30 -0800

On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 14:32, dc wrote:
> AFAIK There's a third possibility : you could setup a dist-hook target
> in which allows you to specify completely your dist rule (I
> had the same problem than yours and used this method). Unfortunately, it
> also means that you might have to update this rule each time you change
> metadata in your source tree.

Thanks for the response.  After a bit of a long holiday break, I am back
trying to get this to work.  As a quick review, my is not
located in the top-level of my directory structure and is causing a
problem with make dist.  Changing this structure is beyond my control,
so I'm stuck with what's there.  Therefore, I've tried a number of
attempts at writing a dist-hook as suggested above.  However, I have
again run into problems.

When I run make dist, it populates the distdir, but due to the use of
manual VPATHs (i.e. ../..), what it actually populates is above the
distdir - all that ends up in this directory is the DIST_COMMON stuff. 
So, my plan is to have the dist-hook delete the mess created by the
VPATH stuff, and then copy the necessary files into the distdir manually
before it gets tarred up (if there is a better way to approach this,
please advise).  Here is an example of my attempt:

ISRC = $(srcdir)/../../include


        rm -rf $(distdir)/$(ISRC) \
        mkdir $(distdir)/include \
        cp -pR $(ISRC) $(distdir)/include

Now, the rm command deletes as expected, but the mkdir and cp don't seem
to do anything.  As before, I only end up with a tar.gz of the
DIST_COMMON files, which are the only files in the distdir.  Does anyone
have a suggestion on how to proceed, or perhaps someone could point out
the flaw in my reasoning?  Thanks very much!

Best Regards,


> /// didier
> Le mar 09/12/2003 à 21:19, J. Scott Amort a écrit :
> > Thanks for the response!
> > 
> > On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 08:05, Thien-Thi Nguyen wrote:
> > > i see from the previous post that you use a "manual VPATH" methodology.
> > > there are two approaches you can try:
> > > 
> > > 1/ undo the unorthodoxy (move auto* files to top-level dir)
> > > 2/ prefix relative paths (such as "../../") w/ $(srcdir)
> > 
> > I gave #2 a try, and it didn't change the output of make dist.  However,
> > moving everything into the top-level dir (#1) did solve the problem. 
> > Unfortunately, I don't currently have any control over the directory
> > structure (the motivation behind the attempt is to keep platform
> > specific items, i.e. *nix makefiles, VC++ 6 project files, etc. in
> > subdirectories away from the source files).  I'll speak to the powers
> > that be and see about getting this changed.  Thanks again.

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