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Can nobase_pkgdata_DATA take directories? Does not seam so.

From: Hans Deragon
Subject: Can nobase_pkgdata_DATA take directories? Does not seam so.
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 12:21:52 -0500
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nobase_pkgdata_DATA = \
  engine \
  smarty/lib \
  smarty/plugins \

Above, all of the entries in nobase_pkgdata_DATA are directories. However, when I am performing "make install", I get the error (Same error for the other directories):

cp: omitting directory `./smarty/themes/examples'

This is because calls the cp command without the -r parameter.

Is it possible to define directories in nobase_pkgdata_DATA? I want to avoid to list the files because they change alot during development and can become numerous.

In the Automake documentation, all the examples use files, but nowhere have I found some warning that directories do not work.

Best regards,
Hans Deragon
Consultant en informatique/Software Consultant
Deragon Informatique inc.     Open source:
mailto://address@hidden     (Automatically poweroff home servers)

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