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Re: Automake 1.8b uploaded (beta for Automake 1.9)

From: Tom Murray
Subject: Re: Automake 1.8b uploaded (beta for Automake 1.9)
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 15:29:11 -0700
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Alexandre Duret-Lutz wrote:

Roberto> I was hoping that Caml support for Automake was going to be
Roberto> incorporated into Automake 1.9,
I know Tom Murray already assigned his past and future Automake
changes to the FSF, so for this to happen we just need a
complete patch against CVS Automake.  The last patch I saw (in
December) was against 1.7.9 and lacked test cases, also at some
point Tom said he had made more progress since that patch.

I apologize for the delay, I still haven't had a chance to get much further work done.

Here's what I need to do:
* Finish the changes/improvements I was working on against 1.7.9 (there were several suggestions)
* Fit the resulting patch to CVS
* Submit that to Alexandre

I hope to get the above done by the end of the month. Please do bug me! It helps :-)



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