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difference between link objects and librarys

From: David T Farning
Subject: difference between link objects and librarys
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 17:41:00 -0500
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I am unclear as to the difference between LIBADD and LDADD. Diffent resources seems to say different things.

Redhat's autobook states.
"A common difficulty people experience with Automake is knowing when to use a `LIBADD' primary versus a `LDADD' primary. A useful mnemonic is: *`LIBADD' is for ADDitional LIBrary objects. `LDADD' is for ADDitional linker (LD) objects."


From the libtools manual
"Libtool library support is implemented under the `LTLIBRARIES' primary. Here are some samples from the Automake `' in the libtool distribution's `demo' subdirectory. First, to link a program against a libtool library, just use the `program_LDADD' variable: "


   Libtool libraries have the .la suffix, instead of .a
   We need to use _LIBADD instead of_ LDADD.

For instance
   something_la_SOURCES =
   something_la_LIBADD = sub/

But, what the difference between linker objects and libarary objects? The examples seem to be saying oppsite things!


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