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Re: package creation

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: package creation
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 11:00:52 -0600
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Gustavo A. Baratto wrote:
> Basically, what I looking for is a 'make package' rule, where all
> the files that would be installed, plus an install script could be
> tarred up together, so we can copy the tarball to many diferent
> servers, unpack it, run the script, and the files get installed
> without the need of copying over or nfs mounting the whole source
> code? Not a fancy full blown package like rpm.

What you want is very easy to do.  But really a package manager is
much the better way to go.

  make install DESTDIR=/var/tmp/pkg-image-area
  (cd /var/tmp/pkg-image-area && tar cvzf /var/tmp/pkg.tar.gz .)

> Maybe the install script would have an uninstall feature as well (I
> have seen a thread requesting this).

That is much more difficult.  There are complicated issues there.


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