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some usage questions

From: Martin MAURER
Subject: some usage questions
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 18:06:51 +0200

Hello all,

I am developing a project (, which uses
automake. I don't know a lot about automake, and so far i didnt find
documentation, which helps me with my problem - so any pointers in the
correct direction will be appreciated.
fireflier is a interactive firewall system which is split into a server
and a client part.
So far i had no problems, but now as the project grows, i have to think
over my automake configs again.

My sourcecode layout is:
.../sharedc++/... - this is some code (mostly network code), that is
used by the server and all clients.

I dont want to make the sharedc++ directory a library, as the code is
fireflier specific, and installing this on systems wont be a good thing.
I thought about a noinst library, and this might be an option. Oppinions

what i would like to have is a configure file in the toplevel directory,
which then checks the dependencies for all the clients and enables
building those clients, which can be built.
it would be nice if changes in sharedc++ would be discovered, when i try
to rebuild (for example) the server thus rebuilding the sharedc++ code

are there any good reasons not to handle the package that way ?
(especially during development this would be nice to have)
otherwise i would have to split all those parts into their own tar.gz
files and add sharedc++ everywhere - and as all my work is in subversion
(cvs replacement), this might get messy.

what i actually need, is some pointer on automake options how to achieve
this (if i am not completely wrong on my setup) 


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