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Linked/Shared Librairies

From: Xavier Décoret
Subject: Linked/Shared Librairies
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 13:59:40 +0200
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Two questions. I am building a package with a convenient library that is then used by some other library/program that the package install. The base library is libbase and the for it looks like this:

libbase.la_SOURCES = base.C

A subsequent library is libmytools and the Makefile for it is:

libmytools.la_SOURCES = mytools.C
libmytools_la_LIBADD = $(top_builddir)/base/

First question: I would like the to be linked with the libbase.a so that I can distribute this .so alone without distributing (yes, there is a good reason for doing so ;-)). How can I do this? Right now, I have AC_ENABLE_STATIC in my so both libbase.a and gets *installed* if I do make install. But when I do make, only a is build in $(top_builddir)/base/ How can I tell libtool that what I want in LIBADD is a link with the static version of the lib?

Second question: because I place AC_ENABLE_STATIC in the to get libbase.a and, then I also have both libmytools.a and How can I indicate *per library* that I want both/only one of static/shared librairies?


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