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Re: non-portable makefiles?

From: Bob Friesenhahn
Subject: Re: non-portable makefiles?
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 15:22:38 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, Alexandre Duret-Lutz wrote:

"Bob" == Bob Friesenhahn <address@hidden> writes:


Bob> Apparently when automake is executed to generate, some
Bob> saved information is OS-dependent.  That is bad.

I'd love a diff between those two different, then.

My ears are burning now because the diff showed me that the problem was due to some local edits I had made to Automake.

However, oddly, after removing these local edits and re-installing Automake on both systems, there is still a difference in the generated files. A difference is surely not a good thing:

--- Tue Sep  7 15:18:30 2004
+++ Tue Sep  7 15:18:15 2004
@@ -5794,26 +5794,26 @@

        -test -z "$(CONFIG_CLEAN_FILES)" || rm -f $(CONFIG_CLEAN_FILES)
-       -rm -f Magick++/lib/$(am__dirstamp)
        -rm -f Magick++/demo/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f Magick++/lib/$(am__dirstamp)
        -rm -f magick/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
-       -rm -f coders/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
-       -rm -f utilities/$(am__dirstamp)
-       -rm -f filters/$(am__dirstamp)
-       -rm -f tests/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
-       -rm -f ltdl/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
-       -rm -f utilities/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f tests/$(am__dirstamp)
        -rm -f wand/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
-       -rm -f Magick++/demo/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
-       -rm -f filters/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
-       -rm -f Magick++/tests/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f Magick++/lib/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
        -rm -f coders/$(am__dirstamp)
-       -rm -f wand/$(am__dirstamp)
-       -rm -f ltdl/$(am__dirstamp)
        -rm -f Magick++/tests/$(am__dirstamp)
-       -rm -f tests/$(am__dirstamp)
-       -rm -f Magick++/lib/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
        -rm -f magick/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f Magick++/demo/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f filters/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f ltdl/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f filters/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f ltdl/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f utilities/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f wand/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f Magick++/tests/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f tests/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f utilities/$(am__dirstamp)
+       -rm -f coders/$(DEPDIR)/$(am__dirstamp)

        @echo "This command is intended for maintainers to use"

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