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From: chief ken gomez
Subject: ASSIT ME
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 06:04:38 +0200

My name is Chief Ken Gomez,

There is a domiciliary account opened in this bank in
September of 1980 in the name of Mr. Andrea Smith, an
expatriate who then was the manager of a Petrol- Technical
support services company.
 Mr. Smith died in an auto crash in June 1990. After going
through this account, I discovered that the account has
been dormant since the death of Mr. Smith the account?s
next of kin is his wife who also died in the same auto
crash and the account has no other beneficiary. This has
made it impossible for anyone to lay claims to the funds in
the account. The top echelons of the bank are also not
aware of the details of this account because of its length
of dormancy. The amount left in the account 26 Million
Dollars. I have also observed that if I do not transfer
this money out, it will be forfeited.

 I therefore want to transfer this money into a foreign
account of an individual or corporate body for safekeeping
and investments since the funds belong to a foreigner, it
become imperative that only a foreigner can lay claims to
it. This is where your cooperation and partnership is
needed and with my position and knowledge of the history of
the account. The transaction would be a huge success,and no
risk involved.

 I propose a meeting between us as soon as you  indicate
your willingness to co-operate with me in this transaction
and a sharing formula of 60% for me, 30% for you and 10% to
reimburse incidental expenses in the course of the
transaction. The transfer of the money to your mandated
account will take 96 hours that is 4 working days

I look forward to your response by mail.
Reply to this e mail address(address@hidden)
Best regards.
Chief Ken Gomez.

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