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Re: Ada95 support for Automake?

From: Tapio Kelloniemi
Subject: Re: Ada95 support for Automake?
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 09:15:52 +0300
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On Sun, Sep 12, 2004 at 21.18.47 +0200, Alexandre Duret-Lutz wrote:
> >>> "Tapio" == Tapio Kelloniemi <address@hidden> writes:
>  Tapio> I'm interested in adding support for the language Ada95
>  Tapio> to automake.  
> So am I.  I started writing a patch for this some years ago but
> did not finish it.  
> I'm not sure remember why I stopped, but I think it was because
> it was not easy for Automake to tell which of foo.adb or
> had to be compiled into foo.o: if foo.adb exists it's it,
> otherwise it's, yet Automake processes sources one by
> one so when it sees it can't tell whether foo.adb does.

What if specs and bodies were listed in different variables?

>  Tapio> Also GNAT has a gnatmake program which compiles, binds
>  Tapio> and links all modified sources in the right order.
> Two years ago, I've found gnatmake to be the only way to
> generate dependency information.  Maybe it's now possible to use
> the usual GCC options?
It is impossible. And since gnatmake only prints dependency list when
all files have been compiled, it is not usable, a mI right?

>  Tapio> If this sounds like something that would be worth adding
>  Tapio> to official automake, I'll give necessary information
>  Tapio> and other help as much as I can.  I can also look at
>  Tapio> automake sources.
> I do think it's worth it.  Unfortunately it seems it will take a
> while before I can work on this again, so if you feel motivated
> to contribute such a change, do not hesitate!
> (

I'll look at it, though I can't promise, my Perl skills aren't very
good, actually I hate the language, but I also hate C(++) so it is not
a problem.

> One small-sized automake-based project that contains Ada sources
> is AdaSockets.  Compilation is achieved by custom rules, of
> course; but (1) that can constitute a good source of inspiration
> and (2) converting AdaSockets to whatever way it chosen to
> support Ada in Automake would be a good test.

PolyORB is another example.


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