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1CellNet / Ubifone .

From: UbiFone
Subject: 1CellNet / Ubifone .
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 01:29:18 +0200

Hi !

I'm a foundation member of 1CellNet, and one of the leaders of the Israeli team.

I believe that the quality of service is the number-one issue that any
network marketing company relay on !
We have been waiting, hoping, and wishing that everything will
perfectly work all of this time.

Unfortunately, things did not get better !
About two months ago - I honestly believed that after the company's
system upgrade - things will be fixed, so we could start working as

Upgrade is over, and there is nothing.
I'm talking globally now.
I know that quality is fine when it comes to Australia, USA, and some
other countries.  but when I try to call Europe, Asia, ahh, even
inside Israel - the quality is POOR . :(

My sponsor and his partner (both global leaders of 1CellNet), Mr. John
Acland and Mr. Carlos Oestby, have decided to stop waiting and do it
their own way !

They have decided to start their own company, using EXCITING and FULLY
WORKING technology.
actually - what they do is only join forces with a fully, perfectly
working Telco company, that already has over 100,000 costumers

The new company's name is UBIFONE .

UbiFone already have signed contracts with huge Telco companies like
MCI, Singtel, Deutsche Telekom and more.

UbiFone is using well known and state-of-the-art systems of Cisco !

Most chances that you have already heard the name, and the whole story.
Most chances that you have already decided to join UbiFone !   However
- only few people in the world can enroll and sign up new members on
this stage !

why ?   because UbiFone is not even on Pre-Launch !

Being one of the global leaders, I was given the opportunity to join
the company on this stage, and I am also able to enroll and register
others !

Both you and I know that "being there first - makes the difference !"

If you are a global leader - I'm offering you the opportunity to be
there first !

You can contact me any time at:
address@hidden .

Kindest regards,

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