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Excellent and good working telco products for mobiles at low prices

From: frankfurt
Subject: Excellent and good working telco products for mobiles at low prices
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 10:14:59 +0200

I am a customer from a well known international service provider for cheap
mobile rates from australia (call by call). Since their products do not work
very well yet and the support is not what I have expected, I checked the web
for a new telco-company offering the same products in a better quality -
using the same reseller system as well.
So I found YNOTCALLME Inc. and I registered for it. The phone quality is
excellent and the service is really great. There are just a few Users
worldwide - check it with . There are not many affilates
around the world yet.
YNOTCALLME is brand new and still pretty unknown! Their telco-products work
very good, fast, in a clear quality and are full available.
Since there are not very many users worldwide you can earn a lot of money by
recommending this product.
Packages are available for USD 99.-, 199.- or 299.-. The USD 99.- Package is
good for customers, who just want to make calls, the lager packages are
excellent for building up an business.

Check the links and download the english Powerpoint Presentation.

In case you do not want to register with YNOTCALLME Inc. please tell other
people about it.

Download the Presentation: >download
Information and Sponsor-Link :
Link for payments after signing in:

I think it is a great business opportunity. If you would like to have more
information, send me an email. I will answer you and try to assist you.

Best greetings from Frankfurt and good luck to you

Frankfurt, Germany

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