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Re: Compiling large number of files

From: v p
Subject: Re: Compiling large number of files
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 16:43:56 -0700

I have a much faster build on windows and the windows project compiles
a bunch of files at a time. So, I thought that might be the reason.
Looks like it is not.

On Wed, 06 Oct 2004 17:31:46 -0600, Warren Young <address@hidden> wrote:
> v p wrote:
> > Loading 'gcc' into memory for each file is a time
> > consuming process
> Have you measured this, or are you speculating?
> > If I could make generated makefile do this, my build
> > process will be much faster.
> This is a limitation of make, not of the autotools.

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