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Re: preventing re-running of texi2dvi?

From: Andre Caldas
Subject: Re: preventing re-running of texi2dvi?
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 13:32:29 +0900
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Hello, Dan!

Sorry for the last "wrong" advice.

I've been searching, and I think that maybe you should not use EXTRA_DIST. I guess EXTRA_DIST is for files that "are not covered in the automatic rules".

I guess you should use:
dist_html_docs= ${info_TEXINFOS:.texi=.html}
dist_ps_docs=   ${}
dist_pdf_docs=  ${info_TEXINFOS:.texi=.pdf}

By the way, it seems that it is important to try to "make distcheck" your package.

Andre Caldas.

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