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Re: automake during development

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: automake during development
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 01:06:49 -0700
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Jonathan wrote:
> My team is trying to use automake for a C++ project we are developing.
>  The project design has been changing rapidly and we are finding that
> keeping the list of source files in up to sync with the
> contents of the directory is very inconvenient.
> An ideal solution would generate an object file for each .cpp file in
> the directory

You might want to look at an old BSD tool called 'mkmf'.  It does
exactly what you are talking about.  It builds using sources that
happen to be found in the same directory.

Having used mkmf for many years on various projects let me caution
against using a dynamic source gathering system.  It is very easy to
make mistakes using it.  I much prefer the explicit listing of files
in the  When I list new files there I also remember to
check them into revision control at the same time.  With projects
using mkmf it is very easy to forget a file when adding it or to
forget removing a file.  This leads to other team members finding your
bug and chasing you down with dogs and torches when you break their


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