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Re: svn copy conflicts with autotools ?

From: Leonardo Boiko
Subject: Re: svn copy conflicts with autotools ?
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 08:50:11 -0400
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Eric PAIRE wrote:
The problem is that all the dates of the checked out files have been modified, and when running 'make', the first thing run is 'autoconf' and 'automake', thus
modifying source directory files (configure, ...).

You seem to keep generated files like "Makefile" and "configure" in the repository. We follow a different approach; no generated files are versioned, not even auxiliary scripts. A developer who wants to compile from repository should have the correct autotoolset version and run "autoreconf -ifs" and "configure" first.

This is what a svn:ignore looks like for a typical top_srcdir:

Note that we usually build from the "build" subdirectory, not directly from top_srcdir, and that auxiliary files like "config.guess" are kept in "aux".

If a developer wants to compile without using autotools, he should use a distribution tarball (generated by "make dist"), not the subversion sources.

It works :)
Leonardo Boiko

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