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depcomp preventing make distcheck(newbie question?)

From: Bill
Subject: depcomp preventing make distcheck(newbie question?)
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 22:03:40 -0500
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I'm at my wit's end. I've been banging my head against the wall with autotools for several months now, and with each turn I seem to meet trouble.

Please see the attached tar.gz file. It contains my minimal testcase for the problem I'm having on my simulavrxx project.

I get the error:
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rivetwa/src/autotools/depcomp/simulavrxx-0.8.004/=build'
Error: files left after distclean
make: *** [distcheck] Error 1

What am I doing wrong? (many things I'm sure)

I believe I've traced this to the depcomp file. I also think it's automake related, redirect me if I'm asking the wrong list please.

I am sure I'm just ignorant of something in the build tooling.

This is what I ran to get to the error condition after expanding the files:
./configure --prefix=/nowhere
make distcheck

My online searches resulted in confusing results, though I did find a few suggestions on how to cause config/depcomp to be included in the tarball generated by "make dist"

Thanks in advance,


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