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Re: configure-generated *.in's

From: J.T. Conklin
Subject: Re: configure-generated *.in's
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 15:09:21 -0800
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Bruce Korb <address@hidden> writes:
>> However, if I add foo.pc to AC_CONFIG_FILES, autoconf complains that
>> does not exist (which it does not).  However, if I omit it,
>> is generated at configure-time, but foo.pc is not.
>> Does anyone have any clue how to use this macro?
> My solution was a "" shell script.  I confess I
> already had a "mumble-config" script that was derived from
> "", but shell scripts are pretty flexible.  
> I would be open to better suggestions :-).

While AC_CONFIG_PKGCONFIG_IN() is very appealing, writing a script
that takes similar arguments and generates a * file that can
be included in the package isn't that much worse.  I think this is
what I'll pursue, since it also has the added benefit of working.


J.T. Conklin

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