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Re: "include $(top_builddir)/" is ignored by automake

From: Tom Howard
Subject: Re: "include $(top_builddir)/" is ignored by automake
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 10:40:14 +1100
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Hi Alexandre,

Alexandre Duret-Lutz wrote:
>>>>"Tom" == Tom Howard <address@hidden> writes:
> [...]
>  >>>> don't use include.  Instead try to use AC_SUBST_FILE, or (IMHO better)
>  >>>> something like AC_CONFIG_FILES([]).
> [...]
>  Tom> automake complains that is not found.  I can just touch the
>  Tom> file before running autoreconf, but is there a nice way to tell automake
>  Tom> that it can ignore that this files is missing?
> No.  If Automake requires a file, it's because it wants to
> distribute it.  If is generated, it should not be
> distributed (touching the file or adding rules will not prevent
> this).
> In 1.9.x, the only way Automake can recognize that the input
> file of an AC_CONFIG_FILES is generated is if this input file is
> also the output file of another AC_CONFIG_FILES.
> In the future Automake 1.10 you should be able to hide arbitrary
> inputs to Automake using shell variables, but this workaround
> not work with 1.9.x.  (I'm appending the 1.10 documentation for
> AC_CONFIG_FILES for reference.)
> I guess that leaves you with AC_SUBST_FILE...

Dang.  The AC_CONFIG_FILES technique is much nicer (less files to
change).  Are there some bad side effects of using

touch && autoreconf

that I'm not aware of?

>  Or maybe explain
> what is the actual problem you are trying to solve, in case
> somebody has a solution?

Sorry, though I did.  I'm generating (actually it used to be
called and now I'm calling it, but the name of
the file doesn't matter) from some autoconf macros and would like to
have appended to each Makefile in the project.

There is no secrecy intended, you can check out the first attempt at
what I'm trying to do in the "automake support" (poorly named; my bad.
Will try to rename to something like "make extensions") section of the
gnu autoconf archive

Basically they add make targets to automate stuff like committing to cvs
(creates a template ChangeLog entry for you and uses it for the commit
log), making a release (adds appropriate ChangeLog entry, tags it in
cvs, and updates the version number), make rpms (creates the files list
for the spec file for you and converts the ChangeLog to a suitable
format for the spec file, before creating the actual rpm), etc.


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Tom Howard

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